The day I was called a woke by Jeremy Warner

Jeremy Warner is an economic journalist who works for the right wing publication – The Daily Telegraph.

The is a publication where moderate views have very little home – especially from many of its readers who often post – what I would call – aggressive comments.

In this newspaper the EU is a totally evil organisation with no redeeming features. Donald Trump is akin to a God while we have unlimited supplies of fossil fuels which do not cause Global warming.

As I’ve found to my cost – if you put arguments against the above ( and a anything else they support) You’re likely to get a barrage of abusive replies from their highly educated readership (in this case being a member of the Tufty club and having reached the bronze standard in the Cycling proficiency test)

Well today I was given a wonderful surprise by the illuminating and ruggedly honest Jeremy…he actually replied to one of my comments for the first time ever.

Gosh was I overjoyed – with me just being a simple country lad –  here I was being directly addressed by a true God of economics.

I had commented on his article concerning the Corona Virus in which he effectively said that the culling of vunerable old people by the virus was economically a good thing – although he was quick to say that he was only talking in pure economic terms – meaning ‘of course’ that he didn’t mean that any old people being killed was a great thing to happen.

Kudos to you Jeremy for being so caring.

But of course I saw through his facade of care and and my comment  effectively questioned if he possessed any empathy

Hell hath no fury than a right wing economist criticised – so he called me a woke.

My life is now complete














Destruction of claims

Tim Morgan -amongst others- has stated that future claims on the economy will not be able to be met due to basically no economic growth. Lack of growth is really because we’re running out of easily recoverable energy.

The EROEI looks to be diminishing  which will spell serious trouble for economies already saddled with serious debt (especially the UK)

Effectively it’s been spelt out that Governments will have to take some pretty extreme measures which could well include expropriation so it might mean wherever you’ve kept your wealth – savings or material assets (houses you’ve bought as an investment) – they are bound to be raided.

So we appear to face a pretty grim future with savings and pensions being destroyed – but has anyone got a more optimistic view – apart from moving to Iceland where they’re blessed with renewables.